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Corporate Goth

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This is the LJ version of the Corporate Goth listserve... We are normally fairly quiet here as most of the conversation is held on the actual list (information below) but feel free to step up and start posting about anything pertaining to Corporations and Goth, job hunting and other such related issues.

Please note, posting of ads or any self promotion outside of promoting Whitby Gothic Weekend, Convergence, the Goth Cruise and other such corporate goth events is strictly prohibited. You will receive one warning. Any further activity will result in the loss of posting access.

Links of interest:
Corp Goth Listserve
Corp Goth Events List
Alt Gothic - Maintainer/Promoter of Convergence

Event LJ's:

Suggestions welcome for anything related to CorpGoth that you might want to see added to this page.

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