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UPDATE -C-15 CG Dinner Friday July 17th at 6pm.

I am very pleased to announce that we will be having the CG dinner at the House of Madame JoJo in Long Beach. Madame JoJo’s is decorated like a brothel from the 20’s and the restaurant is 10 minutes from the Queen Mary. I spoke to the owner and she is closing the restaurant for us. They are going to provide a special menu for us for the price of $40 per person and it includes tax (tax in Long Beach is very high right now at 9%) and tip. What it doesn’t include are your drinks (beer and wine). She said she’d cut slack on the tax for anyone paying cash for beverages and we are getting a deal on the food too. For those with gluten issues don’t worry there are at least 2 choices that are gluten free. There is also a vegetarian option. I will do my best to get a run down of the menu for next week. I do know that we spoke of a fish, chicken and veggie pasta dish.

Now for the fun part, because she is shutting down the restaurant for us I need to make sure that everyone who is attending is still planning to do so. If you feel you cannot make the dinner, please let me know. I don’t want to have her shut down the place for only 10 people. If you would still like to come but didn’t have me add you to the list contact me and If we have seats I will make sure you get in.

Don’t hesitate to ask me questions I’m more than happy to answer them (please no snarky comments in LJ or on the list, I can’t guarantee I’ll be very nice after the last run in)

Please go check out the link below it tells a little more about Madam JoJo’s and has a menu you can at least view.

Current Attendees
Kat and Dan
Sloot and Miss Bontemps
Michael Swanson
Dan (Bellini) Garret
Becky and John (minnie bun)
Miska Kazda & Husband
Colleen and Tom Rodriguez
Winter and Cora
Rubye Skyes
Chelse and Robert
Christal & Trid
Laura Katsis
Shannon & Guest
Keith and Kendra
RubyeSkyes & Guest
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