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Sick Sick SICK

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Sharon & I watched 'Sicko' today. The Michael Moore Documentary on Health Care in the USA.

15 years ago, I would have been blogging this and spewing rage, disgust and shame at the this country.

The sad part is that I am not surprised by anything I saw in the film. Except the Hospital in Havana, Cuba. Or the Cashier's office in the London hospital.

The Managed Care industry in the U.S. is Appalling, since it's entire existence is dependent on NOT Treating people who need medical assistance. They deny coverage, which saves the Insurance Co. lots money, which means Higher Profits, which is ultimately worth more than the life of any human being.

I've heard the Horror Stories, and the mass AMA Sponsored Propaganda about the Evils Of Socialized Medicine all my life.

What I saw in the film of the Socialized Health Care Systems in Canada, France, The U.K. and Cuba seems to prove otherwise.

You see, this film bothered me on many levels, If what I saw in the film was true, it proves that the U.S. is NOT the "Greatest Country in the World", and that we are constantly fed a bunch of comforting lies via the news and the neo-con types that do nothing but bash every other nation in the Western World for daring to utilize a Socialist concept for the benefit of their citizens.

So, I have a few Questions for any of you who live or have lived in Europe, Mexico, The U.K. or Canada:

Compared to the U.S., How good is the Medical System in your country?

How long do you have to wait to see a doctor?
How would you rate the competence of the Doctors that treated you?
How much do you pay for Prescriptions Drugs and/or equipment?
How much do you pay for Eyeglasses and/or Contact Lenses?
How much do you pay for Dental work?
How Up-To-Date are the Facilities where you go for treatment?
How much would an Emergency Room trip cost?
How Competent are the Nurses, Orderlies, CNA's, and EMT's?

I saw the Propaganda from the Insurance Companies and the AMA, and Mr. Moore's footage seems to completely disprove all of it.

So I'd like to get some First Hand Info from people who KNOW.

Please comment here or email me @ with your comments.
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