Christalblu (christalblu) wrote in corpgoth,

Roll Call for CG Dinner on Friday July 17

(Cross posted on the Yahoo Groups List- please use e-mail to contact me)

This is the list of people I have at this time. If you are planning on
attending or if you can't make it please contact me ASAP. I'm going to be
calling the resturant to make sure they can accomidate us first before posting
where the dinner will be. Don't worry I promise it will be something fitting
and well a little naughty if you're all good.

Kat and Dan
Sloot and Miss Bontemps
Michael Swanson
Dan (Bellini) Garret
Becky and John (minnie bun)
Miska Kazda & Husband
Colleen and Tom Rodriguez
Winter and Cora
Rubye Skyes
Chelse and Robert
Christal & Trid
Laura Katsis
Shannon & Guest
Keith and Kendra
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